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Automatic Employment Authorization extension to 540 days


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Due to the large backlog of work permit applications and immigration cases waiting to be processed by USCIS, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has announced this temporary rule that grants an automatic 540-day extension for those who have renewed their Employment Authorization card, rather than 180-day extension that was previously stipulated.

Who benefits from this new rule?

This new rule is effective as of May 4, 2022 in which 360 days are granted in addition to the 180 days that were already in effect on a regular basis, for a total of 540 days from the expiration date indicated on the EAD employment authorization card and under the eligible categories which are:

  • (a)(3)- Refugee
  • (a)(5)- Asylee
  • (a)(7)- N-8/N-9
  • (a)(8)- Citizen of  Micronesia, Marshall Islands o Palau
  • (a)(10)- Withholding of Deportation or Removal granted 
  • (a)(12)- Temporary Protected Status granted 
  • (a)(17)- Spouse of principal E, including E-1, E-1S, E-2S, E-3S
  • (a)(18)- Spouse of principal L-1 ( including L-2 y L-2S)
  • (c)(8)- Asylum application pending (c)(9)- Pending adjustment of status
  • (c)(10) Suspension of Deportation Applicants, Cancellation of removal, or under NACARA
  • (c)(16)- Adjustment based on continuous residence since January 1, 1972)
  • (c)(19)- Pending initial application for TPS 
  • (c)(20)- Section Legalization (pending 7-700 )
  • (c)(22)- Section Legalization  245A ( pending I-687)
  • (c)(24)- LIFE legalization
  • (c)(26)- Spouses of certain  H-1B (H-4
  • (c)(31)-  VAWA self-petitioners

You are a beneficiary of this new rule if you filed a renewal application with Form I-765 either:

  • Before May 4, 2022 and your  180-day automatic extension has since expired;
  • Before May 4, 2022 and your 180-day automatic  extension has not yet expired; or
  • Between May 4, 2022 and October 26, 2023, inclusive of these dates. 

After October 26, 2023 the extension period will revert to the general 180-day rule.

The USCIS will not send any notification receipt to the interested parties about this new rule, nor does the applicant need to submit any application, this extension is automatic without need to submit any extra documents other than your current EAD and your I-797C receipt which describes the normal 180 day automatic extension period.

If for any legal and official purposes, you are asked to provide proof of the new extension, you may print the following document:


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