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Even if you are not in deportation proceedings but fear deportation, choose the Emergency Protection Package before immigration problems arrive.

When facing deportation, our attorney Stephanie Izaguirre will act quickly on your behalf. Once deportation proceedings have begun, we expedite your information to the court and file a request for a stay of removal.

This means that the deportation is halted and gives us time to evaluate and exhaust all of your options for an appeal.

The Emergency Protection Package we offer you consists of securing your property, assets, bank accounts and even providing security for your children in the event that your deportation proceeds.

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Deportation is a legal process that requires foreign nationals to leave the United States. Receiving a notice of deportation order can be devastating for many people, especially when they leave their families and children behind. However, if certain requirements are met, removal can be cancelled in several ways.

Cancellation of Removal and Deportation Attorney Colorado

Why can immigrants and temporary workers be deported from the United States?

  • Criminal conviction for felony or misdemeanor.
  • Violation of immigration laws.
  • Visa or green card has expired.
  • Labor violation.
  • Immigration fraud.
  • Final order of removal/deportation after denial of asylum.
  • Failure to leave the country after grant of voluntary departure.
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Can I fight a deportation order?

Yes, but much depends on the time and condition of the person. For example, you should consider the following: 

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